National coordination center


International Food Protection Training Institute
Battle Creek, MI | PI: Gerald Wojtala

regional centers

There are four Regional Centers around the United States. These are: 


Southern Region (funded through USDA): 
Southern Center for Training, Education, Extension, Outreach, & Technical Assistance to Enhance Produce Safety
University of Florida
Gainseville, FL | PI: Michelle Danyluk


Western Region (funded through USDA): 
Western Regional Center to Enhance Food Safety
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR | PI: Robert McGorrin


North Central Region (funded through FDA): 
Center for FSMA Training, Extension, & Technical Assistance
Iowa State University
Ames, IA | PI: Angela Shaw


Northeast Region (funded through FDA): 
Northeast Center to Advance Food Safety
University of Vermont
Bennington, VT | PI: Chris Callahan

cooperative agreements

Recognizing the great diversity among members of the food industry, the FDA is building on that investment by funding cooperative agreements that will develop training options for local food production systems and tribal operations.  The Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative is proud to serve as one of these partners through the Native American Native American Tribes Outreach, Education, and Training to Enhance Food Safety and FSMA Compliance. The Local Food Safety Collaborative serves as the second cooperative agreement partner: 

LFSC Survey Outreach Toolkit (1)-200x60.jpg

The Local Food Safety Collaborative
A partnership led by the National Farmers Union alongside Cornell University, Maryland Department of Agriculture, Washington State Department of Agriculture, National Young Farmers Coalition, Deep South Food Alliance, and New England Farmers Union.