We are Part of a National Food Safety Effort.

FDA has provided funding to create a network of training centers and cooperative agreements to provide food safety training for farm owners and operators and food processors. These centers have been provided funding to reach critical regional and national groups to provide training, education and technical assistance according to standards that were established under FSMA. These are the National Coordination Center, the Regional Centers, and Cooperative Agreement Partners. 

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The Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative's efforts as the Native American Tribal Center for Food Safety Outreach, Education, Training and Technical Assistance are also supported by a steering committee of experts from across Indian Country and regulatory agencies. Steering Committee members are:

  • Verna Billedeaux, Blackfeet Reservation Extension Office
  • Cheryl Crazy Bull, American Indian College Fund
  • Zach Ducheneaux, Intertribal Agriculture Council
  • Jeff Farrar, U.S. Food & Drug Administration 
  • Virginia Harris, U.S. Department of Agriculture-- National Agricultural Statistics Service
  • Beatrice Herbert, U.S. Department of Agriculture-- Food Safety Inspection Service, Office of Outreach, Employee Education and Training
  • Lillian Hsu,  U.S. Food & Drug Administration 
  • Ken Keck, U.S. Department of Agriculture-- Agricultural Marketing Service
  • Ross Racine, Intertribal Agriculture Council
  • Michelle Radice, U.S. Department of Agriculture-- National Agricultural Statistics Service
  • Scarlett Salem, U.S. Food & Drug Administration 
  • Angela Shaw, Iowa State University
  • Leanne Skelton, U.S. Department of Agriculture- Agricultural Marketing Service, Specialty Crops
  • Susan Stokes, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
  • Maria Givens, National Congress of American Indians
  • Fazila Shakir, U.S. Food & Drug Administration